Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Pen



Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Pen

Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Pen is tiny yet cute looking, the iCare Solo is a new starter kit with an internal tank by Eleaf, which is easy to use and convenient to carry. To power it on or off or to activate the tank can all be done by holding the button. With LEDs in three different colors, you can easily check the battery level by a simple glance at the light.

Various colors and great vaping flavor also make the iCare Solo an optimal choice for starter vapers. Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Pen also comes in a variety of colors, which are: Black, Silver, White, Cyan and Red.

  • Stainless steel + pyrex glass construction
  • 1.1ml juice capacity
  • Battery capacity: 320mAh
  • Top E-liquid filling: The e-liquid can be refilled from the top by removing the air pipe and mouthpiece
  • An internal tank system: The iCare Solo is also an integration of both a battery and a tank in one unit, which is very portable
  • A tiny and cute looking: Due to its small size and remarkably light weight, you can always take it with you as a on-the-go kit or a backup
  • Side USB port for convenient charging: Simply plug the iCare Solo in to a 1A wall adapter or a computer to take a charge



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