GR8TR Solid 4-Part Body Herb Grinder



GR8TR Solid 4-Part Body Herb Grinder

Looking for a versatile grinder, which you can alter to your liking? Then this grinder is the perfect choice for you! It consists of four detachable parts. The parts screw apart very easily. Order GR8TR Solid 4-Part Body Herb GrindernUK online

This grinder measures 3.25 inches in height, which makes it the perfect size to take with you while you’re out and about. This grinder is also packaged in its own custom box.


  • Made from CNC aluminum
  • 4-part design
  • Razor sharp precision shredding teeth
  • GR8TR storage lid
  • Spare grinder plate storage
  • Anti friction and residue rings
  • Deep dish grinding chamber
  • Easy change GR8TR plates
  • Easy change grinder screen
  • Available in several colors

The sharp and powerful precision shredding teeth will grind up your herbs with great ease, even a larger bud, while the 60 mesh stainless steel easy change screen and kief catcher will filter and collect all the lovely bits that you can scrape out with a spatula and save for reuse.

This way you can store even more herbs, so you can bring enough to get you through the day when you are out and about. The GR8TR Body Herb Grinder includes both vape and standard easy change grinder plates, so you can grind the perfect consistency for every occasion.


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